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White Light Attunements

The Family of White Light

The Family of White Light is a family of service who traverse the dimensions. There are members on earth in a physical body and those in Spirit on the higher planes of existence.

The Family of White Light are the Angels. It is to understand that being an Angel is a job with a job description. All are a branch of The Great White Brotherhood.

There are human angels on earth and the numbers are now about to increase. There are no special requirements, you just have to be drawn to the idea and be willing to begin a journey of healing and spiritual development. Everyone is worthy.

To begin the first step there are 4 attunements to the White /Crystal Light energy of the Christ Consciousness. This enables you to access the White Light at all times thus positively affecting everyone around you wherever you go. You bring about change for everyone you meet just by being present or with a look, a smile or a light touch.

Once you are attuned to the White Light you become a member of the Family of White Light [indeed you may already be so but have forgotten]. For many people drawn to The White Light this is the case.
Your own healing will begin too at this point.

The second step is the Chakra Alignment which enables you to hold the frequency of the energy required to enable you to work with the Spirit Healing teams of The White Brotherhood.

You develop so that you become able to work at night when you leave your body while it sleeps. The work is healing work in trouble spots all over the planet.

We have now been authorised by the hierarchy of The Brotherhood to offer to the general populace Attunements to The White/Crystal Light.

For the past five years the handful of people who have been attuned and then aligned have gone through a process that is known as The Unfolding Enlightenment process. This has enabled them to heal step by step, develop spiritually and raise their vibrational frequency to the level of Mastership. We have literally been the guinea pigs to see how the process would work and allow it to be refined.

This is no coincidence that this is happening now as the world is in such crisis and the earth herself is also endeavouring to go through her own healing process. The High Spiritual beings of The Great White Brotherhood have been guiding the earth and the dimensions through this program of evolvement. The work has begun and now will continue without interruption.

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012