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White Light Attunements

Attunements are an energetic process involving the opening and tuning in of the eighth and ninth chakras in order to be able to receive the seventh dimensional energy frequency of The White Light.

For anyone seeking attunements it is important to note that healing and clearing has to occur in order to raise an individuals’ frequency to that of the White Crystal Light. For this reason people cannot be attuned until they have undergone at least the first five steps of the Unfolding Enlightenment process. Even then attunements can only occur if a person’s energies are compatible with the White Crystal Light and if their higher self and our guides indicate that it is alright for the individual to proceed.

For everyone there is always some energetic preparations to be done to enable attunements to take place.This can be done during healing sessions or using the essences. In either case energetic preparations will take place in the weeks preceding the attunements.

The White Light attunements are really the first step along the path of spiritual development as well as the deep healing which everyone needs at this time.

To begin this first step there are Four Attunements to the White /Crystal Light energy of the Christ Consciousness. Each one takes approximately half an hour. The whole session usually takes up to an hour because there is usually some energetic preparation too beforehand if it is a one to one session in person. For people having attunements from a distance or by phone/skype the session will be basically the same.

The attunements  enable you to access the White Light at all times affecting everyone around you by being present, a look, a smile or a light touch. This immediately brings about change in those around you. Your own healing will begin at this point.

The White Light attunements are also an introduction to becoming a member of the White Brotherhood. This is a first step to becoming a human angel and a member of the  Family of White Light.

The second step are the Chakra alignments which enable you to hold the frequency of the energy required in order for you to be able work with the Spirit Healing teams of The White Brotherhood.

You develop so that you become able to work at night when you leave your body and it sleeps. The work is healing work in trouble spots all over the planet.

Later, for those who wish to continue on their path of their path of healing and development, there can also be Spiritual Chakra Attunements [chakras 10 to 13], this goes hand in hand with the healing and development of the Unfolding Enlightenment process. Then the  path of development continues to unfold for you[see Spiritual Path and Healing].




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