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‘Any healing energy [or to give its’ true name Transformative Energy] has to be able to address the issues that pertain to the recipient as well as, for effective healing, to enable the reassembling and restoration of the parts of the person on all levels of being which are damaged or missing,’ *{Kryon}

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The Family of White Light

White Light Attunements

An Introduction to The White Light

The White Light is really the White Light of Christ or Crystalline Energy. It is the energy of the Christ Consciousness. The energy comes from the seventh dimension and belongs to the White Ray healing frequency as opposed to all other therapies [Reiki is one example] which belong to the Golden Ray.

White Light or Crystalline energy is the energy of the twenty first century which has returned again to this plane at this time to assist mankind in its development and spiritual progression once more. It is here to assist in the raising of consciousness which is needed to enable the ‘shift’ to take place. The ‘second coming’ is really just the return to the earth plane of the energy of the Christ Consciousness.

The White Light or Crystalline Energy is a powerful healing tool of a high energy frequency. This is not to be confused with Crystal Healing, where the Practitioner uses crystals to amplify the healing energy, this is something much more powerful and entirely different.

‘To be permanently effective any healing energy must be of a higher frequency than the recipient so that emotional release is enabled and also restoration and repair of the soul and subtle bodies. If this repair and restoration is not done then for the vast majority of present day healing therapies which are third dimensional, you are effectively pouring water through a sieve’* {Kryon}

*These quotes are from a channelling called ‘Why Reiki does not work beyond the fifth dimension’ 15.3.2013

This energy allows both students and practitioners to work at far greater and deeper levels of healing and cleansing on themselves and others than can be achieved by any other therapy at this time.
Use of The White Light/Crystal Energy enables practitioners to work with Spirit Healing Teams in order to do Soul Retrieval and all of the deep and complex steps of soul healing in the Unfolding Enlightenment process which is necessary for humanity at this time.

The White Light/Crystal Energy is a necessary pre-requisite and foundation of the following:

The Enlightenment Process as Practitioner Training
The Enlightenment Process as a Therapy
The Enlightenment Process as a Spiritual Journey


Being Attuned to the White Light as part of your development

There are many people for whom being attuned to The White Light is part of the journey they choose to undertake for themselves in this lifetime. They receive the healing they need in order to progress and develop spiritually thus achieving deeper levels of understanding and awareness. Many people are happy with this, feeling that this as far as they wish to go and do not actually want to be a therapist. While it is not everyone’s path to be a therapist lots of people who have been attuned do work quietly in the background putting work in place for family and friends.

It is not necessary to be a therapist to spread the light and help those around you because anyone who has been attuned will automatically spread the light to others and have a beneficial effect on those around them.

White Light Rhyme

Is everything a struggle?
Is everything a fight?
You might find you will benefit
From a blast of our white light.

Are you having problems?
Is nothing going right?
We think you’ll find assistance
From the brotherhood that is white.

Assistance from beings of
Another realm
A host of spirit helpers
With Michael at the helm.

For help with your life
And to help you sleep at night
We’re certain you will benefit
From a blast of our white light.

So if you want more joy
And want to feel good
You can get some healing
From the White Brotherhood

You might say it is rubbish
Some say you’d be right
Don’t knock it, till you’ve tried it,
So try the healing light.

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