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Practitioner Training Programme

This is an experiential learning course where those aspiring to be practitioners must first experience the healing steps of the Unfolding Enlightenment process first hand in order to learn and understand.
The course and the healing involved in it offer the opportunity for deep healing on all levels [mental, emotional and physical] for all who take part, as well as the potential for spiritual development, developing greater awareness and expansion of consciousness.

The programme is divided into two halves with parts 1a and 1b of The White Light/ Crystal Energy being obligatory pre-requisites and fundamental to Part Two the process of Unfolding Enlightenment itself.
Some people may choose to stop at level 1a and be a Practitioner of The White Light/Crystal Energy. However, those wishing to work with the Angelic Healing teams, work at night and also progress to the Unfolding Enlightenment process must also do part 1b Chakra Alignment.

There is no set time period between parts 1a and 1b because it will vary for each individual depending on the amount of healing and clearing that has already been done. On this basis the time between attunements can be as little as a few days, a week or a month. A similar time lapse between attunements and chakra alignments is also the case. Attunements take up to an hour each which includes some healing and preparation work.

Unfolding Enlightenment Training Programme.

Part 1 -The White Light/ Crystal Energy

Level 1a – Practitioner

Four attunements to the White Light /Crystal Energy

Instruction in the use of The White Light/ Crystal Energy and a manual.

Level 1b – Master

Four sessions of Chakra Alignment

Introduction to The White Brotherhood and their work.

Instruction in how to work with Spirit Team/Angelic Healing Teams during treatments and when working remotely.

Part 2- Unfolding Enlightenment [the process]

Level 2a –Practitioner
To become a Practitioner of Unfolding Enlightenment students will be expected to experience, receive tuition in and achieve an understanding of the first five steps of the process. In addition students will receive instruction in The Rose Cottage System of Essences and show evidence through a treatment diary of the use of relevant essences for each step of the process.

Level 2b- Master Practitioner
Those wishing to become Master Practitioners of Unfolding Enlightenment will have already achieved levels 1a, 1b and 2a. They then must continue on to learn and experience each and every step of the process. Students will be expected to keep a personal log as well as case study notes for three people for each module.

It is expected that between two and three years may elapse between commencing level one and the completion of level 2b.

Study modules: [starred subjects are the first six steps needed for Practitioner Training]

*Inner Child Healing

*The Soul Retrieval Programme

*The Miasm programme

*The Removal of Energetic Blocks and Behaviour Patterns

* Clearing and Healing Energetic Wounds and Karmic Debts

* Understanding and Healing the Human Template.

The Rose Cottage System of Essences

Chakra Alignment

The Energetic Cleansing of the bodies

The Hereditary Cleansing Programme

Healing and cleansing energetic wounds and karmic debts

Metaphysical Anatomy and Physiology including the energy systems, subtle bodies ,pieces of soul and the higher spiritual chakras.

Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Physical Body

The reintroduction and balancing of the female energies {The Goddess essences}

Training days
Weekend or weekday seminars covering each starred topic are part of the course and are obligatory for those wishing to become practitioners. Certificates are given for each level when the experience, and study and practice of the modules has been completed.

Insurance for practitioners of Unfolding Enlightenment has been arranged through I.P.T.I. Further details and forms available from Sue or Robina or from I.P.T.I directly.

Copyright Sue Stothard and Robina Hearle January 2012