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Unfolding Enlightenment as an in depth healing process

The Unfolding Enlightenment process is a new and innovative type of healing which is truly ground breaking its depth, scope and originality.

To understand the need for this type and depth of healing at this time it is to recognise that your soul is a band of energy that is many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years old. During that time  you have had many incarnations in many places, the latest of which is currently here on earth.

Your true self was originally a high dimensional frequency being of pure energy. When you decided to incarnate you had to adopt a pre-prepared energetic template. This enabled  you to live on a planet which was compatible with your soul energies at the frequency of the planet.

For earth you had adopted a human template. At that time long ago planet earth and the humans incarnating here were all of a high energetic frequency, so it was not too uncomfortable. The human frequency was lowered intentionally to begin with to reach a point where the optimum level of being could be accomplished while in human form. However, the creation of so many energetic blocking phenomena and other types of meddling by negative forces, laid down over time, resulted in a too dramatic a drop in frequency for all to below 12D.

The human template eventually had to be modified to include the chakra system which was put in place to step down the universal life force energies which were too powerful once the human frequency dropped below twelfth dimensional level. The frequency of planet earth and her population continued to drop so that the human experience became a 3D low frequency nightmare which was the wrong frequency for them. Due to interference, what should have been a short period of incarnation, became a prison from which no one could escape or evolve.

Unfolding Enlightenment addresses all the soul damage which has resulted during many repeated low frequency incarnations and removes all the unwanted negative energetic phenomena at soul level and from the subtle bodies.  This allows people to rise in frequency once more and to grow and develop on all levels to re-become what they should be.


The majority of people just require the healing in this process, but for others  the natural progression for their spiritual growth and development is to do the four White Light Attunements* [*see Attunements, Therapy or Practitioner Training].

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Essence Modules for the Unfolding Enlightenment Process by Rose Cottage Flower Essences

Unfolding Enlightenment Healing in modular format

This step by step process of healing, restoration and transformation has now been developed into a comprehensive modular format.


The module numbers indicate where work begins but sometimes some of the work is so extensive that it is not fully completed in that module and may continue through the next and subsequent modules.

Although this work is all done by the Spirit Healing Teams, people often need the help and support of the Rose Cottage Essences*, which are all linked to this process, to enable the safe release of the painful long held emotional issues and blocks which are part of this healing process. * Includes The Golden Key to Wellness essences.

The Modules

Module 1

· Pre work investigation of origins and assessment of work needed
· Soul Retrieval work is initiated eg finding, releasing and restoring pieces of soul and soul fragments
· Work to undo and restore pieces of soul spliced with or grafted onto dark ones
· Work for dual soul if needed [light foots] that is restoration and healing for splicing, grafting of each piece of soul with dark energies
· The unchaining, freeing and restoration of all bound or anchored pieces of soul
· Help and healing for corrupted pieces of soul
· The removal of unwanted energetic attachments including all demons [anger demons, addiction demons and grief demons etc.] where applicable
· The removal of all bindings and chakra blocks
· Cutting cords; excision of all links and threads, bindings and chains to the doppelganger
· Excision of all dark energies and links from being a twin in this and/or past lives
· Removal of the alter ego and the corrupted fight or flight mechanisms
· Healing and repair work is begun for all pieces of soul in the soul chain
· Finding and repairing the master soul and work for repatriation begins
· All subtle body repair work is done
· Master crystal repair work begins
· Reseating the soul
· Reprogramming each piece of soul [if needed]
· Restoration of life force energy
· Restoration of vital life essence
· Crystal arrays – re-structure, re-position and tune. [this occurs at the end of each module]
· Work also begins on finding and restoring male or female counterparts at Universal level
· Work begins on the Healing and Restoration of the universal and then multiversal aspects of being
· Creation and installation of crystal transformers for slave races begins
· Plus deep healing of the Golden Key Essences to Wellness Essences 1, 7, 8 and 9

Module 2

1. Inner child reconnection
2. Healing of the inner child issues begins
3. Clearing and healing of karmic debts and energetic wounds.
4. Removal of all of the energetic signatures of all the negative emotions, thoughts and thought forms connected to the alter ego from every lifetime.
5. Healing in all lifetimes of the effects of the alter ego’s influence.
6. The hereditary cleansing programme is done
7. Negative and dark energy clearance of the causal body/personal akashic records
8. Excision of all energies and blocks from attunements to therapies like Reiki
9. Energy matrix re-seating

The following unit of seven pieces of work is for all the slave races only [lightfoots] and is begun in this module.

· Master crystal repair [at the levels needed]
· Replacement of batteries for chakra crystals
· Repair of chakra crystals
· Installation of a transformer if their crystals do not match each other or earths’ crystal
· Repair of [or creation of] the necessary number of crystalline threads in each of the four sets
· Repair or replacement of the crystals for each piece of soul [some are facsimiles and are incorrect thus they do not function correctly]
· Crown chakra and stomach chakra switch replacement if needed
· Plus deep healing of the Golden Key to Wellness Essences 10,11, 12, 17, 27,

Module 3

· Re-balance each of your energetic systems
· Remove energetic attachments and outdated thought patterns
· Restore and stabilise your connection to your higher self
· Removal of the energetic components of diseases; the seed: the creator; the spirit; the trigger; the energy; the mechanisms; the root
· Removal of imps from Primal Layer plus all threads, web and nets down the soul chain
· Removal of interconnecting chakra devices for draining energy
· Removal of shields over the chakras
· Restoration and healing of the spirit of this lifetime
· De-programming and re-programming the Inner Child
· Clearing the emotions of illness
· Removal of any energetic overlays
· Removal and dismantling of the alter ego
· Repair, restoration and reinstatement of the Crystal Filters
· Clearing of all Time Distortions
· Plus Deep Healing of the Golden Key to Wellness Essences 4; 15; 13; 14; 16

Module 4

· Dissolve and release of first level of energetic blocks including loops spirals and helixes [this is on-going for each level of development]
· Clearing old behaviour patterns, beliefs and thought constructs
· Removal of ancient and modern energetic implants and blocking devices
· Gestalt repair and healing followed by deprogramming and re-programming
· Clearing cellular memory of the energy and negativity of all past illness and disease
· Plus deep healing of the Golden Key to Wellness Essences: 6; 18; 23.

Module 5

· Recognising and healing all past life issues and traumas
· Understanding how past life issues impact on the here and now
· Healing and restoration of the spirit of this lifetime and the spirits of all past lifetimes
· Repair, replacement, re-connection and re-booting of light meridians
· Deep Healing of the Golden Key to Wellness Essences 21; 25

Module 6

· Spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness through Higher Dimensional Thought Forms and Advanced Thinking downloads or essences
· Reinstatement of soul purpose
· Reinstatement and rehabilitation of Will and Focus
· Spiritual chakra attunements
· Severing of links to all creations, times, places and events in all lifetimes. Severing links to everything ever created [be it war, battles, books , recipes, pictures, poems,  music or anything], by the individual plus severing of all links to the places of the creations or events [as well as severing links to the creators of the events]
· Excising of all red energy and all red, brown, orange and all other negative dark coloured threads from the whole soul chain. Healing of the effects they had
· Deep Healing of the Golden Key to Wellness Essences 2; 24.

Module 7

· Removal of dark shards and dark energies from chakras, neural pathways, synapses, mitochondria  and energy meridians
· Removal of dark shards of fear intrinsic within the whole capsule of being [ all levels of soul, cells , atomic and subatomic levels]
· Miasma Removal
· Clearing links to dark energies from past lives
· Cutting cords to and the dissolving of all ancient contracts in past lives. Excision from all past lifetimes of all energies and words used in swearing oaths or vows of fealty, allegiance or vengeance; religious vows, marital contracts; blood bonds, all other vows or binding mechanisms to dark energies, monarchs ,liege lords; sects; monastery
· Cutting of energetic and emotional cords to anyone with whom you have had a relationship in this and past lives
· Clearing/excising of all energies and cutting of all threads and cords connected to all past sexual relationships in this and past lives
· Clearing/excising of all links to all negative events in all time lines and in all lifetimes
· Clearing/excising all links to all events connected to or involving anyone you have ever known or had a relationship with in any lifetime
· Removal of the 20 energetic strictures which prevent energetic transition to the next life
· Nullifying and cutting all negative threads to all pieces of soul and subtle bodies
· Clearing of the devices connected to seasonal responses
· Energetic purges of fungi and yeasts; Bacteria; Viruses; Microbes; Atomic Space detritus
· Removal of ancient programmes which are still running and no longer needed [7]
· Removal of all chords and anchoring devices attached to chakras
· Deep healing of the  Golden Key to Wellness Essence 20

Module 8

· Deep release of negative energies at cellular level
· Removal of all the devices held in the gestalt and the doppelganger
· Removal of Emotional Miasms
· Realignment of subtle bodies and pieces of soul following release
· Soul re-balancing
· Re-creating and re-establishing soul connections [crystalline threads]
· Deep Healing of the Golden Key to Wellness Essences 26

Module 9

· Template replacement
· Energetic Transition work and seating of new template
· Replacement of damaged holograms
· Replacement of chakra crystals and batteries
· Energy matrices restoration and healing
· Restoration of light meridians including replacement, reconnection and activation
· Repair and restoration of correct soul programmes
· Removal of Mental and Spiritual Miasms and their effects
· Deep Healing of the Golden Key to Wellness Essences 3; 5; 19; 22

Module 10

· Removal of the restrictions of normal Time Flow [Time Miasms, Time Miasmas, Time Blocks, Time Anomalies and Time Insertions] from the whole soul chain
· Atomic and subatomic cleansing of all the ‘dust’ [ie all of the minute subatomic particles which are the result of aeons of misuse and long defunct impulses.]
· Akashic record cleansing of all dark negativity associated with repeating paradigms preventing progress
· Clearing of all existing negative paradigms, loops etc already created in everyday life this lifetime before UE work was undertaken
· Cutting and excising all links to all the negative thought-forms, emotions, people, events, relationships, moments of creation of all the negative moments, situations, illnesses and events from all pieces of soul affected in this life
· Severing and clearing all energetic links to planet earth created through each incarnation here and excising the energy of them all
· Severing and clearing the energetic links to any planet where a soul has incarnated, existed, or been hidden or held. Excise the energies
· Clearing the energies, thought-forms and emotions to all the things which have not occurred or went wrong and to all the negative things for each year, month, week and day of this and all past incarnations
· Re-activating the mechanism which does this so that is done automatically for now on
· Cutting the links, ties and threads to all the events, experiences,  rescue work or healing work which occurs during the sleep time of this and past incarnations. Reinstatement of the mechanism which does this automatically
· Correction of timeline to be in the right probability for this life
· Re-introduction, healing and balancing of female energies [The Goddess Essences]
· Restoration of full range of light spectrum frequencies
· Restoration of natural rhythms
· Attunements to the Natural Laws, Universal Laws and Multi-versal Laws
· Recalibration of energies
· Energetic realignment
· Energetic re-balance and tune up

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